Eligible Applicants

According to the Law On Economic Citizenship the main applicant must:

  • be at least eighteen (18) years old
  • be a foreign person residing outside of the Comoros
  • be of good character
  • have made an investment in prescribed amount
  • have been granted provisional approval via a program representative
  • have personally taken part enrolment procedure
  • have met application requirements.

The main applicant may include in the application his spouse and children below 23 years old.


Ineligible Persons

No one can acquire the quality of economic citizen of the Union of the Comoros if:

  • they are a member of a terrorist group or advancing principles contrary to Islam and the Sunna,
  • they present a threat to security, peace, the social and cultural cohesion of Comorian society or if they identify themselves with a religious extreme undermining public order,
  • they are not fully integrated into the social fabric and population of their country of origin,
  • they are not of good character,
  • they have been the object of a condemnation for an act qualified as a crime or an offence against the safety of the Comoros, theft, fraud, breach of trust, deal in stolen goods, blackmail, extortion, forgery and use of forgeries, crime against persons or of offence against morals and public decency,
  • they are not recognised as being sound of mind.


Persons Restricted by Nationality from Participation in the Comoros Economic Citizenship (with the exceptions based on possible long term residence in another jurisdiction):

  • Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Citizens  of French Republic
  • Citizens of any country that is subject to international sanctions