Why You Need A Second Passport In The Comoros

You may be wondering why you need a second passport? Well the main reason is that you will be spreading your political risk. You do not want to subject to the mercy of any single government. This is often known as International Diversification. This is a prudent decision and the benefits of holding second passports are a good idea for anyone, especially those that live under a financially desperate (or otherwise desperate) government in their home nation.

Comoros Second PassportThe holding of 2nd passports will provide you with freedom. Did you know that your home passport belongs to the government and that they can confiscate it from you at any time and for almost any reason? Well they can and this has happened many times in the past. If after applying for a second passport you become the holder of dual passports then you have an additional option which could be vital to your plans to make a swift exit if things get really tough. You also have the benefit of being able to pass on the second passport citizenship to future generations. Find out more about how to apply for dual citizenship and a second passport.

When you get a second passport it will literally provide you with a number of internationalization options for your income and assets that are not available in most home countries.

For example, if you are a citizen of the United States of America then you will be only too aware of the pressure that is placed upon you when you attempt to open financial accounts in foreign lands. Many American citizens have had to close their foreign accounts because of this pressure. This has lead to foreign banks and other financial institutions rejecting applications from American citizens as the cost of compliance with the USA regulations far exceeds the benefits of acquiring American customers.

To learn more about the benefits of second citizenship and obtaining a second passport you need to get our free report entitled “The Insiders Guide To Comoros Citizenship By Investment” which will provide you with compelling reasons to obtain a dual citizenship and dual passports. You will also receive our newsletter which will provide you with more information about second passports and keep you up to date with any changes that affect the Comoros.

Comoros  Passport is very useful travel document. It provides visa free access to 70+ countries. Though all other countries require obtaining visas since our clients are delivered their Comoros passports they use them without any obstacles for active travelling all around the world. The feedback of our clients who successfully obtained their Comoros passports are very positive and they never encountered any problems to be granted with the visas to any countries including USA, UK, Europe, Japan etc.

Visa Free Travel To Many Countries

Visa Free Travel To Many CountriesIf your home passport restricts you when it comes to visa free travel then a Comorian passport will provide significant benefit to you. Applying for visas can be time consuming and expensive and in some cases it can be a lot of hard work. Then there is no guarantee that you will be granted the visa to travel. A Comoros passport potentially provides visa free travel or visa on arrival to over 70 countries. A list of the countries can be found on the citizenship by investment page.

Once you obtain a multiple entry visa for the Schengen area through only one single application process you can automatically travel to 26 more Western European countries. It is also possible to apply for a USA 10 year multiple entry visa.


Prevent The Risk Of Passport Political Retribution

If you intend to travel to countries where your government has poked their nose into their affairs then you run the risk of being targeted by your passport. Passports holders of the United States, United Kingdom and others are most at risk here.


You Will Always Have Another Home

By holding a second passport citizenship in the Comoros you will always have another place to go and set up home. You will have the right to live and work in the Comoros for life. You don’t want to become a refugee so obtaining a second passport makes a lot of sense.

How To Get A Second Passport In The Comoros

A lot of people will tell you that getting a second passport is just a matter of giving an amount of money to the right people in that country. This is a very bad misconception. The only way that you can obtain a Comoros passport is to apply for second citizenship and make a donation in the country. If anyone tells you anything to the contrary then steer well clear of them. This (along with other options such an investment for example) applies to every other country that allows dual citizenship as well. To obtain a Comoros passport you will need the help of a program agent who will guide you through the citizenship application process. At MTC we have many years of experiences assisting clients with obtaining second citizenship and a second passport. Contact us here now to learn more.


Comoros Passport Details

The passport of the Union of the ComoComoros Passport Detailsros is valid for a period of 5 years and shall be renewed after expiration.

The following data about the applicant are in the Comoros passport:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Original Nationality
  • Birth Date
  • Place of Birth (City/Town only)
  • Date of Passport Issuance
  • Date of Passport Expiration

Please note that from 01 June 2015 the Comoros passport of the economic citizen contains the relevant  endorsement  (“economic citizen” in French) in it.

The passport will afford the holder visa free or visa-on-arrival travel to approximately 70 countries and territories that include Egypt, Hong Kong, Jordan, Macau, Malaysia, Panama, Seychelles, Singapore etc. Click here to view the full Visa Free Countries list.