How To Apply For Dual Citizenship In The Comoros

All applications under the Comoros Citizenship Program are processed by the local public authority, the Comoros National Independent Committee. Citizenship is granted exclusively by Presidential Decree and at the discretion of the President.


Who Can Apply For Dual Citizenship?

The main applicant must:

  • be at least eighteen years old
  • be a foreign person residing outside of the Comoros
  • be of good character
  • have no criminal record
  • not be a member of a terrorist organization
  • have made an investment in the prescribed amount
  • have received provisional approval via a program representative
  • have personally taken part in the enrolment procedure.

The main applicant may include in his application his spouse and children that are less than 23 years old.


Applying For Dual Citizenship Process

The Comoros citizenship by investment application process is very straight forward. There are essentially five steps to the process:



Contact us here. To get started just submit scans of your existing passport data page, together with a detailed a CV or Resume, for initial due diligence screening. This process is carried out online. Note: you can save time by getting this part underway first, as Due Diligence is the most time-consuming part. In the meantime you can collect the necessary documents, attestations, up-to-date police certificate etc. Payment of the DUE DILIGENCE SCREENING FEE is due at this stage to MTC along with 50% of MTC's professional fee. After payment of the due diligence fee you will be notified by email of the result within 7-14 days. Possible results are: (i) DENIAL (ii) PRELIMINARY APPROVAL or (iii) FURTHER INVESTIGATION REQUIRED. (The latter result is very rare and would apply only in cases of certain nationalities where it is unusually difficult to carry out a background screening check).

Time taken:  1-2 weeks


Along with your preliminary approval email you will receive a full set of application forms – fill in and send scans of the final version of the formal passport application form and all other required documents for final checking. The documents that you will require are:

  • 2 passport photos
  • Application form (Form C.D.O.E.D): original
  • Passport: certified true copy
  • National identity cards or secondary ID document: certified true copy
  • Birth certificate/record: original or certified true copy (less than 3 months) – attested in home country
  • Medical certificate to include routine blood test and negative HIV test (for any applicant above 16 years old: original (less than 3 months)
  • Marriage certificate and divorce certificate (if applicable): original or certified true copy (less than 3 months) – attested in home country
  • Police certificate: for each country that you have resided for over 12 months in the past 10 years – for any applicant above 16 years old
  • Proof of address: a utility bill and lease agreement
  • Proof of source of funds: bank statements

Please note that all documents must be legally translated into English or French where applicable. The documents are to be legalized or notarized but no need for apostilles.


The escrow account is maintained at a bank in Germany by MTC as program representative.

The Comoros Program has the most reasonable fees among all of the existing citizenship by investment programs. There are three types of fees which apply during the application process: government fees, processing fees and extra travelling costs (for you and the Enrolment Officer) for the enrolment procedure. The fees are as follows:

Please contact MTC for information.

Time taken:  Depends on you collecting documents and making payment


The Enrolment Officer is based in Dubai where you can normally arrange an appointment without additional charge. However he can travel almost anywhere in the world to meet you subject to payment of a per diem fee plus business class expenses.

Enrolment and submission in person of the full application package (hard copies of application form, accompanying documents etc.) Original passport of the applicant should be presented. Enrolment consists of photos, signature and collection of biometric data required for the passport.

Time taken:  1 week approximately


Full and final approval will be granted within 1-2 months and scans of the following documents will be sent to you by e-mail:

  • Your Passport(s)
  • Your naturalization certificate
  • Upon your approval, funds will be released from the escrow account to the government. You must also pay the balance of the 50% processing fees to Multitravel Consultants.

Time taken:  4-10 weeks depending on completion of detailed Interpol checks and availability of government officials

5 STEP 5:

As soon as funds are released from escrow, your Passport and Certificate of Naturalization may be delivered anywhere in the world by express courier or you may elect to pick them up in person.

Time taken:  1 week approx.

Why You Should Use Multitravel Consultants For Your Application

Multitravel Consultants, Inc. (MTC) originated in South Africa and it is an officially licensed marketing agent under the Comoros Economic Citizenship Program. Our staff have many years of experience working with similar citizenship programs in the Caribbean and Europe. They have worked with the government of the Comoros to design the perfect program from the foundation upwards, cutting out unnecessary bureaucracy whilst at the same time ensuring a robust due diligence process that is necessary to maintain the program’s impeccable reputation. Our legal team speak English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Feel free to contact us today for more information or to arrange a meeting.

Get started with you dual citizenship application for the Comoros today by contacting us here.